Learning Addict

Nikolaj Jacobsen strives after being the best, but he is still new to the graphic design world, so every day he works towards that single goal in his mind. Nikolaj's dream is to one day drive his own freelance business, and he's not gonna stop before that goal is achieved, and maybe one day make his business bigger, who knows?

Nikolaj Jacobsen is a learning addict. He's always looking for new stuff to learn, he thinks that learning is one of the most important things in life. Why would you live a life without learning anything new? What's the point in that? - He's also inexperienced he only has 3 years of experience in the graphic world, but experience doesn't come easy, so he has to take every day on one foot, a step towards being one of the best, which is one of he's goals, he wanna be known for something in the graphic world, he just doesn't know what it's gonna be, time will tell. One of his other goals is to one day have his own freelance company, and he's not gonna stop before that goal is achieved.