A complete guide on web design

This guide is made to help me with all the things that come with UI and UX Design. If its how to create beautiful buttons, shadows the perfect font size, the perfect fonts for UI design, or even if you want to know the best place to place buttons on a phone. I have always wanted to find a guide where you can basically find everything you're looking for, but I have never found one, so that's why I am making a complete guide myself. If there's anything I am missing, I will be happy if you contact me and give me some information on what I need. Other people might need it too.

What is UI Design?


How to design the perfect button for your website


More about UI Design


Where to look for inspiration?

What do you say? oh, you need some inspiration? no problem, I have some places for you to look at. There's a lot of places you can find inspiration for your designs, you just have to find them. Down below you can find some of the best places where I like to lurk around to find inspiration for my designs.

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If you are looking for inspiration to web design or illustrations, I will say dribbble is the best place to look. For me dribbble are the best place to look for inspiration if you are into web design, personally, I pretty much use dribbble every time I make UI design.

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This is where you go if you are looking to get some general inspiration, on Behance your gonna find everything from illustrations, web design, app design, logo design or maybe you are just looking to see what's trending in the graphic design world, basically Behance is the place that has a good all-around from the graphic design world.

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Or maybe you are only looking to get inspiration to make your web design better, then Pages are differently the place to go, they have 5 different menu points, Hall of fame, Pricing- product- landing- and app pages you can select. All in all, I personally think Pages are the best place to go if you only are looking to improve your web designs skills. What are you waiting for? Let's go! preview

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