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HATS Countryvenner

Website for events with the main focus on elderly people when designing this website

Countryvenner is a small company in the east of Jutland in Denmark, they host and arrange small events such as country music events, elderly meet up, Christmas events, and more. I personally know the owners and they are a few elderly people who don't know much about websites and design in general, they also didn't have much to say when I asked them into how they wanted it to be, so I pretty much had free hands, of course, I had to change a few things here and there when i showed them, but that was expected. But the website turned out really great. You can take a look at the live version here:

The problem

Almost 90% of all visitors that enter over the span of a year is elderly people that have a hard time understanding English, and sometimes elderly people from other countries visit the website too. So I had to design after the field of view from elderly people, so font size has to be bigger, and the website had to be easy to navigate and easy to understand. And the most important of them all, people need to have the choice to change the language to their native language.

The solution

One of the solutions was, of course, to make the font size a tad bigger than I normally would. The other problem was with the language barrier, so I had to make it so you have an option to change the language when you enter the website, it will start in English, this is a choice I made after looking at their traffic, and most of the traffic is from outside of Denmark, so If people from Denmark whats it in Danish, then they have the option to change it.

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