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VAN Design

My first take on designing something to a vehicle, alot of thought went into this one!

Søstrøm A/S is a company that works with metal, retail and outdoor projects, they make everything from balconies to carports. They have people who drive around the country to install and mount all the jobs that have been made back at the shop, they normally drive in blank white vans with no design at all, so I made myself and challenge, to make a design where you could see what company it was, and what they make. All in all, I really enjoy how this project turned out, but sadly I haven't had the opportunity to pitch the idea to the boss.

The problem

The problem I encountered with the project was with the van in general, the van has these sliding doors that slide to the left, and sometimes when designing these van's people forget that the door slides, so they place the company logo where the doors slide too, so the company logo is hidden behind the door. I wanted the logo to be visible the whole time so it wouldn't matter if the door was closed or opened.

The solution

As you can see on the images below I decided to place the company logo on the door, so when you open, the only things that are hidden is the logo mark, so you will still be enabled to read what company it is, so it doesn't matter if the door is closed or opened.

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